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Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Watch movie clip of Recuerdos de la Alhambra performed by Alberta on Jul 7, 2003.
Recuerdos de la Alhambra / F. Tarrega
Performed Jul 7, 2003
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"Your tremolo is already good...A very good effort with a very difficult piece."
Phillip Houghton
Composer / Classical guitarist / Artist
Why I chose to play "Alhambra"?
This was my second public performance in a competition, almost two months ahead of my eighth birthday.
I decided on playing Alhambra a few weeks before, also keeping it a secret to surprise my teacher.
At the time, my dad and I were playing with a MIDI file of Malaguena, in which we added a tremolo style. It sounded different from the original piece and for fun, I started to practice it that way.
Afterwards, while going through my music library, I looked at the Pumping Nylon book and video by the Classical guitarist Scott Tennant, published by Alfred Publishing.
Halfway through the video, Scott Tennant played Alhambra. His tremolo technique was called planting. It's a way to shut off the strings immediately, very staccato.
I was getting used to the tremolo, which Scott Tennant does so well, with articulation and evenness. His speed burst exercises helped me daily. I found breaking down tremolo into pieces makes it easy.
So I memorised Alhambra, one bar at a time.

Memories of the event

In the Open division, the concert hall was full of guitarists of all levels, either competitors or as observers, and the event progressed till late in the evening.
It was strange to be surrounded for the first time by so many guitarists. I didn't know where they came from. From all over Australia I suppose, and I was just a small part in the event. Finally the end of the day came, and we drove home. I couldn't sleep that night and I still remember it even now.
Please excuse the fidgeting with my feet. That day I forgot to bring the foot rest with me, and while my father was looking around to borrow one, I already started playing.
I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

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