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Alberta Khoury. Classical guitar student/performer.
This is my favourite page
This is a favourite section because it reminds me of people and places. The people who made a difference to my music and how I play. Those who listened, those who encouraged and those who helped me with advice. And especially those that showed me that it is okay to explore music, without limits. I hope you enjoy these photos and short stories.
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Photos. Guest performance for the Sydney Classical Guitar Society ~ An invitation to perform a mini recital ~ Nov 01, 2008
Photos. Wednesday Lunchtime Concert at St. James' Anglican Church ~ The Lunchtime Concerts are one of many musical activities taking place at St. James' and organised by Ms. Isobel Ferrier ~ June 11, 2008
Photos. Outdoor concert at Sydney's Martin Place ~ This musical event was organised by our Geography Teacher Mr. Richard Mew for the students of the Sydney Conservatorium High School ~ April 30, 2008
Photos. How does it feel to meet Pepe Romero? ~ If you have met Pepe before, you would know that he?s very warm and friendly. I was lucky to see him at the Internationales Pfingstseminar Koblenz Guitar Festival ~ May 2007
Photos. My Lesson with Professor Hubert K?ppel ~ I was very excited just thinking about receiving a one-on-one lesson with Prof K?ppel. That?s one major benefit for participating in a guitar or music festival like the Koblenz Guitar Festival ~ May 2007
Photos. My teacher Alfred Alexander ~ Every lesson with my teacher is unique and exciting ~ November 2006
Photos. Spring Soiree ~ Performance at the "Spring Soiree" concert organised by the Friends of the Sydney Cultural Council ~ October 2006
Photos. Live radio broadcast for 2MBS-FM 102.5 ~ 2MBS-FM ?Even Younger Performers? ~ October 2006
Photos. With friend classical guitarist Tom Ward ~ A fantastic performer and a good friend ~ May 2006
Photos. Live radio broadcast for 2RDJ-FM 88.1 ~ With Broadcaster Mr. John Berechet ~ September 2005
Photos. McDonald's Performing Arts Challenge 2005 ~ Instrumental Solos ~ Meeting Classical guitarist and adjudicator Mr. Craig Ogden, and performers Harold and Bradley Kunda ~ September 2005
Photos. McDonald?s Performing Arts Challenge 2005 ~ Secondary School, String Ensemble ~ Performing Concerto in E Major by Antonio Vivaldi ~ August 2005
Photos. Meeting Izhar Elias ~ Following his concert at the Performing Arts Centre ~ July 2005
Photos. Meeting Catherine & Silvina Strano ~ At the Sydney Classical Guitar Society & Friends concert ~ November 2004
Photos. Tara Anglican School for Girls concert ~ Invited by classical guitarist/teacher Ms. Michelle Blythe for an half hour recital ~ July 2004
Photos. With friend classical guitarist Joseph Littlefield ~ Joseph always gives me good advice ~ June 2004
Photos. Meeting Minh Le Hoang & Timothy Kain ~ Meeting Minh Le Hoang & Timothy Kain following Minh's guitar recital at the ANU ~ June 2004
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Photos. Meeting David Leisner ~ Following his guitar master class at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music ~ April 2004
Photos. With ShowCase on Tour ~ Rehearsing for a concert performance at the Dover Hall, Mowll Anglican Retirement Village at Castle hill ~ March 2004
Photos. At Ivan Rebroff's concert ~ Sydney Town Hall ~ March 2004
Photos. Meeting Duo Lee Song-Ou & Oliver Fartach-Naini ~ Following their premier Australian Concert ~ October 2003
Photos. Have you visited this store at Sydney's QVB? ~ "Just White" is full of colour ~ September 2003
Photos. At the Sydney Classical Guitar Society ~ At the Sydney Classical Guitar Society monthly meeting with classical guitarist James Holland ~ September 2003
Photos. Meeting Pavel Steidl ~ At the Sydney Conservatorium of Music ~ September 2003
Photos. First guitar ~ New guitar with no stickers on it yet ~ August 1998
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Copyright © 2005 - 2008, Illustrations by Alberta Khoury
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