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Meeting Izhar Elias
Izhar Elias' concert was so melodic and powerful.
Izhar Elias' concert was so melodic and powerful.
Izhar Elias ~ Following his concert at the Performing Arts Centre ~ July 2005
Apart from Pavel Steidl's concert, this was one of the best guitar concerts I've been to.

Izhar Elias started with Capricci from Opus 20 (Luigi Renaldo Legnani) and it sounded great on his Carlo Guadagnini guitar.
Then he introduced his guitar talking about the way it's built and how the strings attach to the bridge.
Between pieces, the tuning of his guitar took longer than usual. He then played the Gran Sonata Eroica from Opus 150 (Mauro Giuliani) with great force.
Towards the end, Izhar said he prepared a trick to perform but it wasn't going to work out, he said. So his encore piece was a Neapolitan theme, Carnival De Venice (Mauro Giuiliani.) Izhar carefully strapped his guitar to his neck and walked around between the audience. It sounded so beautiful especially when he walked close by.

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