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Recital at Tara Anglican School
The Tara students presented me a beautiful bunch of flowers and gifts, while others crowded around taking photos, asking questions and for autographs.
Tara recital ~ Invited by classical guitarist/teacher Ms. Michelle Blythe ~ July 2004
This concert was a great opportunity for playing all my concert pieces at the time. Preparing for this recital was exciting as well as creating a bit of anxiousness.
I had been asked by Ms. Michelle Blythe (Whom I met at the Sydney Classical Guitar Society / SCGS) to give her students at the Tara Anglican School a half an hour concert.

I played in the school's auditorium. The girls were as excited as I was and at the end of the concert, two Tara students came and gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers and gifts, while others crowded around asking questions and for an autograph.

Music performed:
Tarantelle by Johann Kaspar Mertz and arranged by Classical guitarist / Composer David Leisner
Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tarrega
Maria Luisa by Julio Salvador Sagreras
Sonate BWV 1034 - 3rd movement Andante By Johann Sebastian Bach; arranged by Classical guitarist David Russell
La Catedral - 3rd movement Allegro solemn by Agustin Barrios Mangore
The Frog Galliard by John Dowland
Nostalgia by Julio Salvador Sagreras
Asturias by Isaac Albeniz; arranged by Andres Segovia
Libra Sonatine - 3rd movement Fuoco by Roland Dyens

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