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Live radio broadcast for 2MBS-FM
My warm up before the recital started at 2MBS-FM recording studio in St. Leonards.
My warm up before the recital started at 2MBS-FM Studio C in St. Leonards.
2MBS-FM 102.5 ~ Even Younger Performers radio broadcast ~ October 2006
On August 26, 2006 I auditioned for the "Even Younger Performers" at 2MBS-FM in St. Leonards.
My program consisted of Libra Sonatine (Roland Dyens), Sonate BWV 1034 3rd movement (J.S. Bach), Caprice no. 24 (Niccolo Paganini), El Colibri (Julio Sagreras), La Catedral 3rd movement (Agustin Barios Mangore) and Tarantelle (Johann Kaspar Mertz.)
A week later, I received a letter of acceptance to perform in the October 2006 2MBS Even Younger Performers live recital series.

The scheduled broadcast date was October 15, 2006 at 12pm, so we had one hour to warm up and for sound check.
The first performer was Lucia Li on the piano, a cute five-year-old girl who began learning piano at the age of 3 on the Suzuki method. For this recital, she was carried to sit on the piano stool and a big box as a special footrest. She played Beethoven Sonatina in G quite wonderfully.
I was also very impressed by the music of Narek Shamavonian on the Oboe, playing Saint-Saens Sonata for Oboe and the Bach Sonata for Oboe.

These couple of hours were quite entertaining and educational, especially talking with the performers and listening to their music.

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