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With friend Tom Ward
Tom Ward is a great inspiration to me.
Tom Ward is a great inspiration to me.
Tom Ward ~ A fantastic performer and a good friend ~ May 2006
I first heard Tom Ward (Tasmania) play at the McDonald's Performing Arts Challenge in 2003 / Open (Adjudicated by Composer / Classical guitarist / Artist Phillip Houghton.)

He performed the most memorable music I've heard, Balalaika (Stepan Rak) and I was at the front seat and had a chance to look at his magnificent Rasguados.

In 2001, Tom started his Bmus(hons) on full scholarship with Timothy Kain (ANU / Canberra) and in 2005 he graduated receiving first class honours.

Tom is well known for his incredible memory work, his musicality and technical abilities. He is a great inspiration to me.

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