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Watch movie clip of Vivace performed by Alberta on Jul 7, 2003.
Vivace / arr. by Ben Bolt
Performed Jul 7, 2003
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"A terrific performance. Well done. I hope you practice more and more as you show terrific promise... "
What about "Vivace"?
My repertoire at the time was from early grade guitar books and extra music suggested by my teacher.
Also I was trying out music from Ben Bolt's "39 Progressive Solos for the guitar" published by Cherry Lane Music Company.
From the solos in both books, my favourites were Aguado's Study 1, Giuliani's Study 6 and Vivace, Carulli's Estudio, and Romance.

Back then, Vivace and Estudio were my signature pieces, the faster I played, the more I enjoyed them.

Memories of the event

As you will see from my performance video, the cutaway guitar wasn't my size (It was my father's).
I used it because it sounded better than my smaller guitar. Later on, I stayed using a full size guitar, and many remarked and advised me to change back, but I felt comfortable with it.
Some luthiers suggested building a guitar to suit me, but I wanted the freedom to have it around with me whenever I wanted to and not worry about scratches, cracks and bumps.

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