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El Colibri
Watch movie clip of El Colibri performed by Alberta.

El Colibri / Julio S. Sagreras
Performed Sep 4, 2005
(1:04 / 780 KB)

"You find your way around the technical difficulties with considerable aplomb...again the Sagreras was very impressive... "
What about "El Colibri"?
El Colibri is a piece that I frequently work on to express a better sound at a faster pace.
It is a fun piece with scale passages, tremolo and there's room for a lot of phrasing.

My friend Tom Ward introduced this piece to me. And ever since I can't stop playing it.

Memories of the event

I played El Colibri for the Open, along with the BWV 1034 (J.S. Bach).
Before my turn came, Bradley Kunda (ANU) played Fantasia No. 7 (John Dowland) and finished with Vals No. 3 (Augustin Barrios Mangore.) Bradley is a great guitarist with plenty of sense of humour. He's currently undertaking a double degree in Music/Law.
Bradley achieved a second place that day and the first prize went to Harold Gretton (ANU).

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