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Libra Sonatine, Fuoco
Watch movie clip of Fuoco performed by Alberta.
Fuoco, Libra Sonatine / Roland Dyens
Performed Sep 4, 2005
(1:51 / 1.35 MB)
"The Dyens was very impressive and you have a great feeling for the musical strength of the piece."
Craig Ogden
Principal Lecturer in Guitar at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.
Why I chose to play "Libra Sonatine"?
The first time I heard Libra Sonatine, it was played by Joseph Littlefield in the Inner West Eisteddfod 2003.
I thought it was a really fun and lively music to learn. As I progressed in the piece, I discovered how demanding it was to get the feel and the rhythm, and how easy Joseph makes it seem.
It is one of my favourites.

Memories of the event

Previously In 2004, I played Libra Sonatine in the McDonald's Performing Arts Challenge Open.
Coincidentally, Chandra Rajagopal played it too (He was performer No. 11 and I was No. 12).

So again in 2005, I played it in the 16/U along with the Frog Galliard.
The frog Galliard is another favourite of mine, which I fine-tuned by repeatedly watching the Pumping Nylon video by Scott Tennant where he plays it really well.

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