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El Colibri with a twist
Watch movie clip of El Colibri performed by Alberta on December 03, 2006.

El Colibri / Julio S. Sagreras
Performed Dec 03, 2006
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El Colibri with a twist
El Colibri with a twist is different. Actually not so much different, only with my eyes covered.
As you might have noticed my speed is slightly faster, maybe because I cannot see what I'm doing.
When I play with my eyes covered, I like getting my fingers to move where I want them even when I cannot see them. Musicians occasionally close their eyes when they play and without thinking about their hand placement, without thinking too much about fingers and musical notes. Just musical shapes and patterns perhaps. For me, the guitar becomes my hands.

A mystery

Here's a little mystery. When my eyes are open, I tend to occasionally look at the fret board and follow my left hand movement (Have you seen Kazuhito Yamashita play?)
But when my eyes are closed my head is pointing straight and without a movement.
Anyway, whenever I play and however I play the guitar, I do not take things too seriously. I try to be as professional as I can at the time, taking what my teacher says and applying whatever I can at the time.
I remember what the Classical Guitarist Renato Belluci once said when he was comparing hand techniques of 3 uniquely famous guitarists “…the secret to all of these masters' playing is: do not take the guitar so "seriously"...yet, be a professional in your way of doing it. After all, it is not the Holy Bible we are dealing with. These masters' voice is not the voice of God but their own…”

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