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El Colibri revisited
Watch movie clip of El Colibri performed by Alberta on December 03, 2006.

El Colibri / Julio S. Sagreras
Performed Dec 03, 2006
(1:09 / 3 MB)

El Colibri revisited
Sagreras remarked that El Colibri is supposed to be played in "Imitation of the flight of the Humming-bird" (A South American bird with fast rotating wings.)
El Colibri is a preferred piece to play and of course to experiment with different speeds and techniques. I like the part after the chromatic scale passage, where the fast tremolo sounds like a Humming-bird.
Every now and then, I play it at a metronome speed of 250, but it all sound like an entangled crazy humming bird.
The big loud Diminished Seventh chord at the end is a strong start to the ending, and I like how the scale passage comes straight after followed by the harmonics, then silence.
The humming bird is finally resting and it's quiet now. Phew.

Sagreras dedicated this piece to his daughter Clelia.
I dedicate this performance to my teacher Alfred Alexander and my friend Tom Ward.

The present and the past

When I look back at the way I played El Colibri at the McDonald's Performing Arts Challenge in 2005, I know it was the beginning of a long ride to make this piece sound better. And the ride continues.

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