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Sevillana (Fantasia) Op. 19 ~ Joaquin Turina
Watch movie clip of Sevillana (Fantasia) Op. 19 performed by Alberta on Nov 01, 2008.
Sevillana (Fantasia) Op. 19
Performed Nov 01, 2008
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Sevillana (Fantasia) Op. 19 ~ Joaquin Turina
I loved Pepe Romero's masterclass in Koblenz Germany May 27, 2007. And most of all I enjoyed Irina Kulikova’s performance of Sevillana in the masterclass.
I was in the front row just one seat away from the Maestro and it’s a dreamlike experience to see him relaxed in his crème coloured shorts and brown sandals. He was totally at home and relaxed following his great concert the night before at the Kammermusiksaal der Rhein-Mosel-Halle.
I also remember what the maestro said to Irina, “When you play Sevillana…completely allow yourself to go on a journey inside of your own feelings, see how much you can feel in love, see how much drama, see how much beauty is inside, and just allow yourself… When we practice we have to be very thorough in looking at the score and trying to see what is in it and be very faithful to it. And once you have really studied it, than you put it away. And now just allow yourself full freedom, to do anything that the moment calls for, and play it totally from your fantasy like if you wrote it.”
Actually, following the 45min masterclass, he asked Irina to play the piece again, and she did it so fantastically. I couldn’t stop clapping and so as the audience.
Irina is an extraordinary Russian classical guitarist whom I met in Heinsberg and Koblenz Germany in 2007. She’s a great musician and I look forward to meeting her and watching her play again soon.

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